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Kate Walker Book List


Writing Enrichment – The Basics of Good Creative Writing
Step by Step Stories – 12 Guided Story Exercises
Write Better with Word Images – 12 Guided Story Exercises


Marty Moves to the Country
– Methuen, Australia   1980

The Frog Who Would Be King
– Bookshelf / Scholastic, Australia  1988
– Multimedia International, UK   1989
– Mondo Publishing, USA   1995

King Joe of Bogpeat Castle
– Bookshelf / Scholastic  Australia   1988
– Multimedia International, UK   1989

The First Easter Rabbit
– Horwitz Graham, Australia  1989

Our Excursion
– Omnibus / Scholastic, Australia   1994

The Flying Pieman
– Moondrake, Australia   1994

A Pride of Noses
– Houghton Mifflin, USA   1996

          JUNIOR BOOKS

The Alien Challenger
– Methuen, Australia   1983

Suzie & the Pencil-case Genie
– Bookshelf / Scholastic, Australia  1988

The Letters of Rosie O’Brien
– Bookshelf / Scholastic, Australia  1988
Also published as Letters of a Convict Girl, Age 11
– Access eBook from this site.

Tales from the Good Land
– Bookshelf / Scholastic, Australia  1989

Burying Aunt Renie
– Thomas Nelson, Australia   1989

The Dragon of Mith
– Allen & Unwin, Australia  1989
– Mondadori, Italy  1991

I Hate Books
– Omnibus / Scholastic, Australia  1995
– Hyeonam Publishing Co, Korea   2003
– Cricket Books, USA   2007

Mitch 2 Sue
– Omnibus / Scholastic, Australia


Elephant’s Lunch
Omnibus / Scholastic, Australia   1998
Scholastic, UK & Canada   2002

Sticky Stuff
– Omnibus / Scholastic, Australia   2000
Scholastic, UK & Canada    2002

Finicky Fish
– Blake, Australia   2003

The Cranky Old Magician
– Blake, Australia   2005

Lighthouse Lucy
– Blake, Australia   2009

The Beautiful Spurs
– Blake, Australia   2013


– Omnibus / Scholastic, Australia   1991
– Houghton Mifflin, USA   1993
– Gyldendal, Sweden   1993
– Standaard Uitgeverij, Netherlands 1994
– DTV – Germany   1995
– Zalozba Skuc, Slovenia  2007

Changes & other stories
– Omnibus / Scholastic, Australia   1995
DTV, Germany as Bingo, Heute passiert’s!  1998
& as Als Mum die Tankstelle überfiel und andere Storys  2002


Spies & Spying Series   (Co-author Elaine Argent)
  Spies in History
  Super Spies of WWI
  Super Spies of WWII
  Famous Spy Cases
  Spy Gadgets
  So You Want to Be a Spy?
-Macmillan Education Australia   2003

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Rethink Series 

  Aluminium  (Aluminum)
  Household Waste
– Macmillan Education Australia   2004

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Rethink  Series
– Macmillan Education Australia  2007
(Composite of the above 2004 titles in one book)

Recycling Series (Younger Readers)
  Plastic Bottles and Bags
  Metal Cans
  Food and Garden Waste
– Macmillan Education Australia      2009

Investigating Earth Series

– Macmillan Education Australia   2011

Farming in Colonial Australia
– Macmillan Education Australia   2017

Book Awards

Marty Moves to the Country    1981
Highly Commended – Picture Book Section
Australian Children’s Book of the Year

The Dragon of Mith
1990 Honour Book (Highly Commended) – Junior Section
Australian Children’s Book of the Year

Honour Book (Highly Commended) – Young Adult Section
1991 Australian Children’s Book of the Year

1991 Shortlisted in NSW Premier’s Lit Award
1991         “               South Australian Lit Award
1992         “           Talking Book of the Year Award

1991 Highly Commended Australian Human Rights Awards

Selected for three American Library Assoc.’s  Best Book Lists|
1994   Notable Books of the Year
Best Books for Young Adults
Best Books for Reluctant Young Adult Readers

Our Excursion
1995  Shortlisted Picture Book Section
Australian Children’s Book of the Year

Changes & other stories
1996  Eselsohr Award – Germany

I Hate Books
I997  Shortlisted Junior Section
Australian Children’s Book of the Year
Shortlisted Young Australian’s Best Book Award

Recycling (Younger Readers 6 Bk Series)
2009  Shortlisted – Primary Library Book Section
APA Australian Educational Publishing Awards

The Rascal Horse of Rumpsford
2012  First Place – Write a Story Poem Competition
FanStory USA               

Short Story Awards

Australian National Literary AwardsWriting for Children Section
1990  Commended
1991   Second Place

Maryborough Golden Wattle Literature Awards (Adults)
1990  Winner

Eaglehawk Arts Festival Short Story Award (Adults)
1990  Second

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2 thoughts on “CONTACT / BOOK LIST / AWARDS

  1. Hello Kate. I’m a relief teacher in Port Lincoln South Australia. Today I was given the task of reading Changes. Wow. What a great story. I read it aloud to a class of year 9 students and there were moments where they were really transfixed. One girl was in tears. I gave the reading my best. Screamed when Mum did, yelled when Dad did. I loved your story and would like to share it with my literacy class at the local prison. Think there is a lot there that they can relate to. So, thanks and please keep writing. Now I have found you, I’m going to keep searching for your works. Regards, Kellie

    1. Dear Kelly,
      How very kind of you to take the time to let me know about your experience with my story ‘Changes’. It was written quite some time ago. I’m glad it’s still being used and that young readers find it relevant. The story is based on a young person who lived not far from me. I could see the struggles she was going through trying to find purpose and strength inside a family where the adults were alas defeated. You’ll be happy to know she made it and today is involved in work similar to your own. I haven’t published a great deal for YAs. Just that collection, “Changes and other stories’ and the novels ‘Peter’ & “No Bullies, No Way”. But I’m not finished yet.
      My best wishes to you and your students, Kate

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